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Today I’m inspired by…Google Images. Have you ever used Google Images? I love using the photos for making Powerpoints for my class and I used a bunch for my Glimpses album class taught by Stacy Julian (who is one of my all-time faves in scrapbooking, and, yes, she is as cool and amazing and inspiring in person!). I was visiting Corina’s blog and saw this fun Google Images “game” and thought I’d try it to see if anything inspiring pops up. You type your answer to each of the questions into the Google Images search engine and post the first picture that comes up.

Age I will be on my next birthday:

That’s all Greek to me! Inspiration point: maybe a layout in only black and white?

A place I’d like to travel:

It’ll happen someday! Inspiration point: I’ll definitely have to do a layout in my Challenge of Me album about my wish to tour Italy! And my love of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun!

A place I’ve been:

Technically this is the second image on Google Images, I couldn’t get the first one to open! Inspiration point: Hawaii is super inspiring! I think I’ll use the map to trace pieces for a background for the title page of our Hawaii album.

My favorite food:

Mmm! Nectarines! I love the summertime! I leave them out because I don’t like them too cold. Inspiration point: check out those colors! That yellow, red-orange, and kraft brown would make a great summery layout!

Place I was born:

Funny, I didn’t recognize the hospital from this angle…I usually see it from the other side when we are walking to the Metrodome! Inspiration point: I think I’ll make a layout of my parents’ memories of when I was born. I remember my mom saying they chose this hospital, not the closest to their house at the time, because the babies stayed in the rooms with their mothers, not in the nursery like most hospitals did. It would be fun to hear more stories from them.

Where I live:

I love where I live. Inspiration point: I’ll have to use this photo to do a layout on the reasons why wouldn’t want to move!

Name of pet:

This is funny! For those of you unfamiliar with Twilight, this is a picture from the movie when Bella, the main character, is greeting some family friends. Inspiration point: I could create a page about how I devoured the Twilight series, or my new kick with vampire stories. I could also make a layout on my dog, Bella.

Best friend’s nickname:

Can you tell what that is? I would have to say my husband is my best friend and his nickname is “Ness,” because of our last name. This is a photo of the Loch Ness Monster. Inspiration point: It would be fun to do a layout on family nicknames!

My first name:

This is a photo of Briana Evigan, from the movie Step Up 2. I’m not sure what the movie is but the first photo on Google Images wasn’t, um, appropriate. Inspiration point: Of course I’ll have to make a page about how I got my name!


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