Flower Art

Today I’m inspired by…flower art.Yesterday T and I went to a park to visit with some of my students from last year. It was great to see them outside of school and chat with their moms while they helped T on the playground. They took T over to a field to pick flowers (well, weeds) nd T made me a lovely bouquet. He’s really been into picking flowers so he has inspired today’s post.

R0wen Pillow by Crate and Barrel Inspiration point: I love the medallion look of these flowers. The simple shapes used for the petals and centers would be easy to re-create on a layout.

Best Buds Sham from Land of Nod Inspiration point: I love the simplicity and abstractness (is that a word?) of these flowers and the colors are fabulous!

Bloomfest Zurich poster by Allposters.com Inspiration point: I am a fan of vintage ads and I loved the primary colors of this one.  The different styles of flowers would be easy to make…and I’ll bet you have a few flower punches you could layer to simulate the flower shapes in this poster.

Bloomfest Zurich Giclee Print

Bouquet by Princess Lasertron Inspiration point: Princess Lasertron is always inspiring! I love the rock-and-roll colors she used for Aline’s flower bouquet. I could never do the felt flowers justice but I like the idea of adding embroidery floss stitching to my already made felt flowers. Check out Princess Lasertron’s blog and Etsy shop for more info about her custom made bridal bouquets.

Bouquet Wall Art by Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the idea of having simple black and white flowers to let the colors of the photos shine. I think it would also be fun to color these in with markers. I *heart* markers.

Eden Duvet by Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: Again, I love the abstractness of these flowers. The colors are fabulous and I think all the designs work well together. I especially like the light blue berry branch…it would make a great accent to a boy or girl page or card.

Scribble Spot Flower Journal by Orla Kiely Inspiration point: I love how easy these flowers would be to make! I am sure I have a paper punch that looks like that…or it would be pretty easy to replicate. T is great at scribbling, I’m sure I could give him a few markers and a piece of cardstock for him to color on. I’ll punch the circles and voila!

Orla Kiely Scribble Spot Journal at Anthropologie

Poppy Outdoor Pillow by Pottery Barn Inspiration point: I love the colors in this pillow- the bright red, brown, goldenrod, and emerald green with a little white and bright green.

Poppy Outdoor Pillow

Year of Seeds from Red Envelope Inspiration Point: I love the colors of all of the planters. The designs remind me of some stamps I haven’t used in awhile…I could do some monochromatic stamping on colorful squares.

year of seeds


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