Today I’m inspired by…circles. This weekend T was busy with his paper and markers, quietly drawing one circle on each page (he can also draw a mean “hot dog” and a “T”). Here are some inspiring circles from around the web:

Color Dot Magnets from Three By Three Seattle (at Fred Flare) Inspiration point: I love the colors and the different sizes! I’m off to get out my circle punches for a cute background…

Graphite Birds and Pebbles and Lemon Yellow Citrus Birds by Sugarloop on Etsy Inspiration point: I love both of these prints because of the great doodles in the “rocks.” I think it would make a great border to have some circular shapes with doodle lines in them!

Graphite Birds and Pebbles - Signed Giclee Art Print (A4 Paper Size)

Lemon Yellow Citrus Birds - Signed Giclee Art Print (A4 Paper Size)

C.Jere Mirror at Jonathan Adler Inspiration point: I wish I could have gotten this bigger! You’ll just have to click on the link to see it up close. I think of a circular photo with sequins, buttons, circle punches, whatever for a border.

Jere Rain Drops Mirror by C. Jere at Jonathan Adler

Raindrop Mirror by Pottery Barn Inspiration point: I guess I was inspired by mirrors today, too! I liked this mirror because it reminds me of sunshine and summer. I loved the lines with the small circular elements.

Raindrop Mirror

Olives Print by 29 Olives Inspiration point: I like the simplicity of this design. Quite mod, don’t you think? I like how they laid out the different sized olives- I think it could work for oval shapes, circles, rectangles, frames on a wall…


Rex Ray Artwork at Jonathan Adler Inspiration point: Again, I wish this showed up bigger! Click the link! I really like the bright, bold colors in this piece. I also like the different textures that are simulated on the design.

Rex Ray Artwork at Jonathan Adler


July 20, 2009. Colors, Shapes.

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