Today I’m inspired by…fish. T has been obsessed with fishing at the cabin since we bought a Spiderman fishing pole. Of course, he has yet to catch a single fish but has successfully dropped his pole into the lake four times. Here are some tropical fish photos I found on the web…don’t they have the best color combinations?

Mandarin Fish from New England Aquarium

Juvenile Angelfish from New England Aquarium

Tropical Fish by Mr. T in DC on Flikr

Blue-Barred Parrotfish

Triggerfish from National Geographic

Achilles Tang from

Blue Queen Angelfish from

Surgeonfish from Encyclopaedia Brittanica

White-Faced Surgeonfish from Animal World

Emperor Angelfish from The Flying Kiwi


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Today I’m inspired by…pillows. I need new ones for my couch as ours are quite blah now. Here are some fun pillows I found on the web.

Bacati Dots and Stripes Pillow Target

Bacati Dots and Stripes Pillow from Target Inspiration point: I love these colors and patterns- this would make a great background or layout if you substituted some photos for the circles.

Forest Pillow by Lisa DeJohn at Urban Outfitters

Forest Pillow by Lisa DeJohn at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: These muted colors with the pop of red and green are great. I love the simple trees and patterns on this design.

Product Image

Orange Dandelion pillow from Target Inspiration point: The cream and orange work so great together and I love the graphic!

Product Image

Red Paisley pillow from Target Inspiration point: The colors in this pillow are rich and fabulous. Perfect for fall layouts and cards. I also love the overlapped paisley print- what a great idea!

Product Image

Blossom Argento pillow at Target Inspiration point: Ahh…gray, yellow, and white. One of my new favorite color combinations! I think this flower would be easy to create in a layout as well.

Bella Bolster from Anthropologie Inspiration point: I adore these colors!

Orimono Vines pillow from Anthropologie Inspiration point: I love the mix of patterns in the leaves. This would be a great way to use up my scraps on a layout or card.

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Recent Purchases

I have a secret wish that my house look like it is straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. In the spirit of PB and all things vintage, I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve purchased lately…they just make me so happy!

Vintage Metal Flower Frog Pins Shabby Chippy Paint

Metal Flower Frog from VintageEmbellishment on Etsy

Vintage Metal Store Shelf Clips Store Pricing Labels Holders Group of 5

Vintage Metal Store Shelf Clips from VintageEmbellishment on Etsy

Vintage Metal Highway Sign Letter  N

Vintage Metal Highway sign from SalvageNation on Etsy

Authentic Antique Grocery Store Shelf Price Tags Fantastic Vintage Ephemera Twenty in Listing

Antique Grocery Store Price Tags from SalvageNation on Etsy


Vintage Bus Tickets from Sweetkate on Etsy

Signage - 12" Plastic Pick-A-Letter (blue)

Signage- 12″ Plastick Pick-a-Letter from Three Potato Four (I got the “N”)

Signage - Metal Gas Station Price Numbers (1., 9/10)

Signage- Metal Gas Station Price Numbers from Three Potato Four

Stimulating the economy one vintage piece at a time… 😉

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Lisa Day is doing a giveaway to win a kids furniture antique memory board.


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Martha Stewart

Today I’m inspired by…Martha Stewart. After yesterday’s super-cute collage art, I found myself digging in to Martha’s website. Here are some fabulous things I found (direct links to the projects/ideas are under the photos):

Add-On Envelope Books

Add-On Envelope Books Inspiration point: I LOVE these! They are meant to store collections of coins, stamps, stickers, whatever…but I think I could use them for a special daily note or for my students’ story ideas.

Baby Wooden Blocks

Baby Wooden Blocks Inspiration point: I love how these baby blocks are rock ‘n’ roll. You could use any type of patterned paper to coordinate with a baby’s room or use up scraps.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar Inspiration point: I love the shades of gray here…gray is SO the new black. 😉

Clip Artistry

Clip Artistry Inspiration point: I think the idea of hanging decorative clipboards like these in my scraproom is a great idea. I could put up inspiration or layouts or leave them plain. Someone on Martha’s website suggested using a large photo instead, which would be really cool, too!

Storytelling Tape

Storytelling Tape Inspiration point: I love the colors and papers used in this project. I also think it’s a sweet idea for a far-away relative to record themselves reading a book for a child. Maybe you could have a family member dictate memories from old photos for you to use in your scrapbook.

Handmade Tote Bags Inspiration point: Everytime I see this ad in a magazine I cut it out. I just love the letters, patterns, and colors…oh, and I am addicted to tote bags!

Here are some other links- I couldn’t decide which projects were best!

Martha’s Best Clip Art

Back-to-School Crafts

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Collage Art

Today I’m inspired by…collage art. I just signed up for an online class to help jumpstart my creative side, especially during the hectic month  that is September (at least for teacher-me). The instructor is Elise Blaha, who is a very talented artist (in my humble opinion). She has a blog, a website, an Etsy shop, and teaches classes– oh and holds down a job and is planning a wedding. Her main outlet is making creative, mixed-media mini books. Click here to see her work. I look at the mix of papers and it reminds me a lot of collage art and using up scraps to make art or a book. Here is some great inspiration from the web:

Fleur Patchwork Quilt at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the mix of bright patterns- alone you would never guess that they would work so well together. It inspires me to just try to mix and match the scraps I already have- you never know how it will turn out!

Kala Pillow by CB2 Inspiration point: Usually we see patchwork in squares and I like how this is in stripes instead. I’m thinking mixing ribbon or strips of paper for a card or background.

Window Box Wall Art from Land of Nod Inspiration point: Hmm…maybe I need to look at my scraps to make some home decor. These pieces look easy to replicate- or maybe a dalmatian for my little guy’s firetruck room.

Nature Collage Wall Art PB Teen

Nature Collage Wall Art from PB Teen Inspiration point: I love how the background is a patchwork collage and there is a flower on top in black. This would be great for a decorative element on pages or cards.

Patchwork Frame Anthropologie

Patchwork Frame from Anthropologie Inspiration point: What a great idea to use bright scraps to create a frame around a photo. I’m thinkin’ it might have to be a black and white photo or one with a lot of neutral and maybe a little bright color in it. Maybe a photo of a child in a bright swimsuit at a beach?

Petit Collage from Martha Stewart templates available

Petit Collage from the Martha Stewart Show Inspiration point: I love these animals on wood. Bonus: Martha’s website offers a video, instructions, and templates for the elephant, owl and bulldogs (not shown) here.

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Charley Harper

Today I’m inspired by…Charley Harper. He was an amazing artist/illustrator who specialized in wildlife prints. Though you may not know his name, you will probably recognize his art. Todd Oldham (the designer) wrote a book about Charley Harper’s life and art called Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life. Unfortunately I don’t have $135 to drop on that coffee table book, but maybe this memory game, children’s book , or coloring book would be more in my price range. Here are some more pieces from Charley’s collection:


ABC Book Cover








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Today I’m inspired by…birds. It seems like they are popping up everywhere- and not just outside. We have been watching a family of birds that made a nest near our home and they seem to have moved along. T has loved seeing them hatch and grow. Here is some birdy inspiration from the web:

Birdcage Tapestry from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I think these colors are great together. I always tell myself to try to use white for a background and it usually doesn’t happen. The large dose of white with hints of brown, orange, teal and yellow looks great together.

Bird Vase by Joanna Mendicino from Urban Outfitters

Pigeon Vase by J. Mendicino Inspiration point: I just think this little guy is cute! Definitely something I could paper-piece on a layout or draw freehand. Check out J. Mendicino’s website for other birds (like quails and sparrows).

Happy As A Lark Coasters Anthropologie

Happy as a Lark Coasters from Anthropologie Inspiration point: Aren’t these colors great together? I also like the little flowers and dots in the background.

Journal Notebook Green Birds

Journal Notebook- Green Birds by Zany on Etsy Inspiration point: These birds are so cute! Definitely doodle-able. I also like the variety of colors that make up the pattern.

Blue and Yellow Bird Brooch

Blue and Yellow Bird Brooch by BlueTerracotta on Etsy Inspiration point: Isn’t this guy cute?! I love the mix of fabrics used on this bird…check out BlueTerracotta’s Etsy site for more birds.

Graphic Plates Series 8 at Urban

Graphic Plates Series 8 from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love office supplies (you may remember from a previous post) so these plates caught my eye. I think it would be cool to use the office-themed papers and apply rub-ons that wouldn’t necessarily “go” with that type of style.

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Today I’m inspired by…sports. Here in the Twin Cities, the buzz is all about the PGA Tournament here in Chaska, MN this week. The local news channels flash photos of Tiger Woods about every five seconds and somehow every portion of the newscast is pretty much about golf. It is exciting because I teach in the same district and the PGA has been extremely generous in donating money to our schools in exchange for volunteers in the gift shop. Unfortunately I couldn’t help since I need to be home with T but the volunteers have to work a few hours over two different days and they get a free pass for the tournament all week and a shirt, I think. Awesome! For the record: I’ve been golfing once in 9th grade for gym class. Putt-putt is more my game. 😉
Here are some cool sports items from around the web:

Admit One Wall Art Land of Nod

Admit One Wall Art from Land of Nod Inspiration point: I love the vintage look of this and the placement of the text and numerals. So awesome! I think I’ll just replace a photo of T where that hockey player is! There are many more pieces in the Admit One Wall Art collection- check them out if you need some great sports ideas.

Football Theme Throw Pillow by Land of Nod Inspiration point: I love these colors together although I’d NEVER use them for a sports layout since they are Packer colors. 😉 My husband would never forgive me. Maybe a fall layout instead. I have always wanted to buy that yellow ticket pillow- how cool would it be to do a birthday invitation or Superbowl party invite using that format? I think it would just take a lot of text boxes on Word, right?

Rugby Football Match Art Print

Rugby Football Match by Ralph Cleaver Inspiration point: I think this would make a good layout- a large photo on the left and smaller photos or patterned paper for the border.

Golf Art Print

Golf Print by Grace Pullen Inspiration point: These letters would be great for a title. I have been meaning to substitute shapes for letters- I think that look is very cute (especially when you run out of letters and don’t have any more “o”s!)

Topps Baseball 1954 Tin Sign

Topps Baseball 1954 Tin Sign Inspiration point: First of all, I LOVE vintage signs. Second, I LOVE baseball. Third, I LOVE these colors…reminds me of the Cosmo Cricket’s Early Bird or The Boyfriend lines.

Ball Four: Basketball Art Print

Ball Four: Basketball Poster Inspiration point: My sister is a big fan of Andy Warhol so I know she’d love the colors on this poster. I know that you are able to manipulate photos to achieve this effect, as well. How cool!

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Today I’m inspired by…hearts. It’s my 6th anniversary on Sunday (we chose 8/9 so it would be easy to remember!) and we will be going out on an actual adult date Saturday night because my parents offered to take T overnight. I think we’re going to see a movie…in the theater! Here are some fabulous hearts from around the web in honor of my honey:

dana kellin pink sapphire heart necklace

Dana Kellin Pink Sapphire necklace from Red Envelope Inspiration point: This necklace reminds me of some bling I have to use up on my scrapbook pages…I think the outline of a heart with some bling around it would make a great love page accent!


Calligraphic Hearts by Bird and Banner Inspiration point: I think it would be pretty cute to do some script journaling in a heart like this.

Ceramic Love Vase from Uncommon Goods Inspiration point: I’d love to just write a simple message like this and pair it with one of my favorite photos of my boys.

I Heart Guts-Keep On Pumpin’ (Urban Outfitters) Inspiration point: I put this in for two reasons…1. I think it is hilarious. 2. I love the red and teal combination!

hearts.jpg hearts image by lilrednecrebel06

Hearts image by lilrednecrebel06 at PhotoBucket Inspiration point: Wouldn’t it be cool to take a photo like this? Or make the heart with your hands around people or things you love?

Product Image Hip In A Hurry - Heart Sticks

Hip in a Hurry Heart Sticks Wall Rub-ons from Target Inspiration point: I like how these hearts are also like flowers and the colors are so girly!

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