Today I’m inspired by…sports. Here in the Twin Cities, the buzz is all about the PGA Tournament here in Chaska, MN this week. The local news channels flash photos of Tiger Woods about every five seconds and somehow every portion of the newscast is pretty much about golf. It is exciting because I teach in the same district and the PGA has been extremely generous in donating money to our schools in exchange for volunteers in the gift shop. Unfortunately I couldn’t help since I need to be home with T but the volunteers have to work a few hours over two different days and they get a free pass for the tournament all week and a shirt, I think. Awesome! For the record: I’ve been golfing once in 9th grade for gym class. Putt-putt is more my game. šŸ˜‰
Here are some cool sports items from around the web:

Admit One Wall Art Land of Nod

Admit One Wall Art from Land of NodĀ Inspiration point: I love the vintage look of this and the placement of the text and numerals. So awesome! I think I’ll just replace a photo of T where that hockey player is! There are many more pieces in the Admit One Wall Art collection- check them out if you need some great sports ideas.

Football Theme Throw Pillow by Land of NodĀ Inspiration point: I love these colors together although I’d NEVER use them for a sports layout since they are Packer colors. šŸ˜‰ My husband would never forgive me. Maybe a fall layout instead. I have always wanted to buy that yellow ticket pillow- how cool would it be to do a birthday invitation or Superbowl party invite using that format? I think it would just take a lot of text boxes on Word, right?

Rugby Football Match Art Print

Rugby Football Match by Ralph CleaverĀ Inspiration point: I think this would make a good layout- a large photo on the left and smaller photos or patterned paper for the border.

Golf Art Print

Golf Print by Grace Pullen Inspiration point: These letters would be great for a title. I have been meaning to substitute shapes for letters- I think that look is very cute (especially when you run out of letters and don’t have any more “o”s!)

Topps Baseball 1954 Tin Sign

Topps Baseball 1954 Tin Sign Inspiration point: First of all, I LOVE vintage signs. Second, I LOVE baseball. Third, I LOVE these colors…reminds me of the Cosmo Cricket’s Early Bird or The Boyfriend lines.

Ball Four: Basketball Art Print

Ball Four: Basketball Poster Inspiration point: My sister is a big fan of Andy Warhol so I know she’d love the colors on this poster. I know that you are able to manipulate photos to achieve this effect, as well. How cool!


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