Today I’m inspired by…rugs. Seems a little random but we’re looking for one for our dining room so I’ve been weighing my options. We have a pretty neutral color in there which is good and bad- it is hard to make a decision. Here are some inspiring rugs from the web.

Product Image Circo Chenille Girl Rug - 30x50"Product Image Circo Chenille Boy Rug - 30x50"

Circo Chenille Rugs from Target Inspiration point: I couldn’t decide if I liked the “boy” version or the “girl” version of this rug. Both have great color combinations!

 Product Image Dwell Studio for Target Hippo RugProduct Image DwellStudio™ for Target® Dot Fun Rug

Hippo and Dot Fun rugs from DwellStudio for Target Inspiration point: Again, I couldn’t decide between these two rugs. I love the colors on both and the striped dots seem quite interesting!

Handmade Wool Ferns Rug (2'6 x 4')

Handmade Ferns Rug from Inspiration point: I like the overlapping leaves and flowers in this rug. I am thinking I could do a similar look on a card- especially a sympathy card which are so hard to find inspiration for.

Hand-tufted Pixar Green Wool Rug (5' x 7'6)

Pixar Green Rug from Inspiration point: I love this rug. If only I had a few hundred dollars to drop on a rug that I don’t really need, this is the one I’d buy. Dark teal and spring green- love, love, love.

Rust Rug (9' x 12')

Rust Rug from Inspiration point: I really think these patterns look great together- I’m always looking for ways to use my patterned strips together and here is a great use for them!

Product Image Seventeen® Flirt Daisy Rug Collection - Hot Pink

Seventeen Flirt Daisy Rug at Target Inspiration point: I like these colors and flowers on this rug. It would make a great card if turned on it’s side.

Product Image Seventeen Swirls Rug Collection - Ivory

Seventeen Swirls Rug from Target Inspiration point: I really like these dots in a swirly pattern- it would be easy to make with come colorful markers.

Round Embroidered Rug

Round Embroidered Rug from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: This teal, orange, yellow, and cream scheme is great…very summery!



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