Twelve Days of Christmas- Ornaments

Today I’m inspired by…ornaments. What a gorgeous way to decorate a tree! My favorite ornament is a tiny Christmas tree that my aunt bought me for my first Christmas. I still have the felt box it came in and I love taking it out to put near the top of the tree. Our special ornaments get a prime location near the star. With my tree ornament I put my husband’s first Christmas ornament, our son’s ornament and a family one that I had personalized for our first Christmas together. We also put an ornament my mom got us for our wedding that has an Irish Blessing. Here are some ornaments that may inspire you to decorate and create!

Little Katja Ornament

Little Katja Ornament from Anthropologie

Branch-To-Bough Ornament, Chaffinch

Branch-to-Bough Chaffinch from Anthropologie

Atom Ornament

Atom Ornament from Anthropologie

Stocking Monogram Ornament

Stocking Monogram Ornaments from Anthropologie

Fancy Touch

Fancy Touch DIY Ornament from Better Homes and Gardens

Layered snowflake ornament

DIY Snowflake Tree Ornament from Better Homes and Gardens

Beaded Beauty DIY Ornament from Better Homes and Gardens

DIY Button Ornaments from Martha Stewart

Button Wreath Ornament from Martha Stewart

Recycled Card Ornaments from Martha Stewart

Beaded Snowflakes from Martha Stewart

Product Image Claydough Monogram Ornament - M/N/O/P

Claydough Monogram Ornaments from Target


Crystal Round Frame Ornament

Crystal Round Frame Ornament from Pottery Barn


December 12, 2009. Tags: . Christmas, Holidays.

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