New Year’s

Today I’m inspired by…New Year’s. Every year we visit my in-law’s for a fondue party. We fondue scallops, chicken, shrimp, steak and lobster in oil and then move to the dessert fondue: chocolate and caramel with yummy fruit, marshmallows, and angelfood cake. Delicious! Here are some fun New Year’s traditions and crafts to try with your family.

Idea from Martha Stewart

Instead of toasting with champagne at midnight, let the kids eat 12 grapes, a Spanish tradition, for good luck all year long. You could also put the grapes on a skewer as a garnish for the champagne drinkers.

Click here for other New Year’s traditions around the world

Idea from Martha Stewart

Create a breakfast to mark the special day- just place clean number magnets on the pancakes and dust with powdered sugar. You could also spell out a message for other special days.

Glorious Goblets

Glorious Goblet Craft from Family Fun

Glitzy Glasses - Image 260

Glitzy Glasses Craft from Family Fun

Time Capsule Letter

Time Capsule from Family Fun

Have kids write a letter to themselves to open the following year. They can list some of their favorites or predictions for the next year. Keep it with the decorations so it will be easy to find.

Time Capsule Ornament

Time Capsule Ornament from Family Fun

Revisit the last year and create a fun Christmas decoration!

Shimmering Streamers from Martha Stewart

New Year’s Garland How-to from The Purl Bee

Countdown Toast Idea from Martha Stewart (love these!)

Countdown Decor Idea from Martha Stewart


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