Today I’m inspired by…Owls. Perhaps it’s the association with education or the fact that they are quite hot in decor and scrapbooking lately. I just picked up a cute piece of flair for my school lanyard from the American Crafts booth at Scrapfest this past weekend- an adorable little owl from their Halloween collection. Here are some fun owl things I found on the web.

Alternate View

Brooke Sheeting from Pottery Barn Kids Inspiration point: These little owls would be so cute to paper-piece with different patterns and colors. I think the owl on the pillow is super cute but I had to include that pink owl with the corduroy face, too!

owl to-do

Owl To-Do List from 29 Olives Inspiration point: I like how the lines aren’t perfect and the little owls are so adorable. Maybe I could use my circle punch to make the belly of the owl like these guys.

Lola the Owl PIllow PDF Pattern Simple Fun Creative

Lola the Owl Pillow PDF Pattern by ginia18 on Etsy Inspiration point: I love how these patterns are put together- this owl has such beautiful eyes!

Owling Sake Pot from Anthropologie Inspiration point: How could you pass this little guy up? This color combination would be great- white and gray with a little bit of black and orange.

Printed Cotton Rug from Urban Outfitters

Printed Cotton Rug by Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I like the mix of colors and patterns on this one…I know I have some scraps with busy patterns like this that would look great as owls.


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Charley Harper

Today I’m inspired by…Charley Harper. He was an amazing artist/illustrator who specialized in wildlife prints. Though you may not know his name, you will probably recognize his art. Todd Oldham (the designer) wrote a book about Charley Harper’s life and art called Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life. Unfortunately I don’t have $135 to drop on that coffee table book, but maybe this memory game, children’s book , or coloring book would be more in my price range. Here are some more pieces from Charley’s collection:


ABC Book Cover








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Today I’m inspired by…birds. It seems like they are popping up everywhere- and not just outside. We have been watching a family of birds that made a nest near our home and they seem to have moved along. T has loved seeing them hatch and grow. Here is some birdy inspiration from the web:

Birdcage Tapestry from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I think these colors are great together. I always tell myself to try to use white for a background and it usually doesn’t happen. The large dose of white with hints of brown, orange, teal and yellow looks great together.

Bird Vase by Joanna Mendicino from Urban Outfitters

Pigeon Vase by J. Mendicino¬†Inspiration point: I just think this little guy is cute! Definitely something I could paper-piece on a layout or draw freehand. Check out J. Mendicino’s website for other birds (like quails and sparrows).

Happy As A Lark Coasters Anthropologie

Happy as a Lark Coasters from Anthropologie Inspiration point: Aren’t these colors great together? I also like the little flowers and dots in the background.

Journal Notebook Green Birds

Journal Notebook- Green Birds by Zany on Etsy Inspiration point: These birds are so cute! Definitely doodle-able. I also like the variety of colors that make up the pattern.

Blue and Yellow Bird Brooch

Blue and Yellow Bird Brooch by BlueTerracotta on Etsy¬†Inspiration point: Isn’t this guy cute?! I love the mix of fabrics used on this bird…check out BlueTerracotta’s Etsy site for more birds.

Graphic Plates Series 8 at Urban

Graphic Plates Series 8 from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love office supplies (you may remember from a previous post) so these plates caught my eye. I think it would be cool to use the office-themed papers and apply rub-ons that wouldn’t necessarily “go” with that type of style.

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