Team Jerseys

Today I’m inspired by…team jerseys. Have you ever really checked out team colors on football jerseys? Some of them are really cool color combinations. I think I have football on the brain because my husband is quite a fan of the game. I’m excited that our Minnesota Vikings are doing so well and tonight’s game (Colts v. Patriots) should be pretty good! Here are some inspiring team jerseys I found online and the coordinating Bazzill Cardstock (I tried to find one as close as I could!) for each.

Reebok Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Replica Team Color Jersey -

 Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson Replica Jersey (Yes, I had to put this in here!)

JubileeLily WhiteCandlelight

Jubilee, Lily White, Candlelight

Reebok Carolina Panthers Steve Smith Authentic Team Color Jersey -

Carolina Panthers Steve Smith Authentic Jersey

RavenEvening Surf April

Raven, Evening Surf, April Birthstone

Reebok Seattle Seahawks Shaun Alexander Authentic Team Color Jersey -

Seattle Seahawks Shaun Alexander Authentic Jersey (This is my favorite NFL jersey)

JadeBank RollAvalancheBlackbird

Jade, Bank Roll, Avalanche, Blackbird

Reebok San Diego Chargers AFL 50th Anniversary LaDainian Tomlinson Replica Team Color Jersey -

San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson Jersey

PacificLily WhiteSunshine

Pacific, Lily White, Sunshine

Reebok Jacksonville Jaguars Torry Holt Replica Team Color Jersey- NEW FOR 2009! -

Jacksonville Jaguars Torry Holt Replica Jersey

Blue CalypsoAvalancheCoalYukon Gold

Blue Calypso, Avalanche, Coal, Yukon Gold

Mitchell & Ness Denver Broncos Terrell Davis 1997 Authentic Throwback Jersey -

Denver Broncos Terrell Davis Authentic Throwback Jersey


Admiral, Avalanche, Navel

Reebok Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor Replica Team Color Jersey -

Miami Dolphins Jason Taylor Replica Jersey


Kachina, Avalanche, Mango

Reebok Tennessee Titans Vince Young Replica Alternate Jersey -

Tennessee Titans Vince Young Replica Jersey

Blind DateAdmiralAvalancheRaven

Blind Date, Admiral, Snow, Raven

Reebok Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ronde Barber Replica Team Color Jersey -

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ronde Barber Replica Jersey

Candy AppleBeetle BlackLily WhiteTangelo Blast

Candy Apple, Beetle Black, Lily White, Tangelo Blast



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Today I’m inspired by…pillows. I need new ones for my couch as ours are quite blah now. Here are some fun pillows I found on the web.

Bacati Dots and Stripes Pillow Target

Bacati Dots and Stripes Pillow from Target Inspiration point: I love these colors and patterns- this would make a great background or layout if you substituted some photos for the circles.

Forest Pillow by Lisa DeJohn at Urban Outfitters

Forest Pillow by Lisa DeJohn at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: These muted colors with the pop of red and green are great. I love the simple trees and patterns on this design.

Product Image

Orange Dandelion pillow from Target Inspiration point: The cream and orange work so great together and I love the graphic!

Product Image

Red Paisley pillow from Target Inspiration point: The colors in this pillow are rich and fabulous. Perfect for fall layouts and cards. I also love the overlapped paisley print- what a great idea!

Product Image

Blossom Argento pillow at Target Inspiration point: Ahh…gray, yellow, and white. One of my new favorite color combinations! I think this flower would be easy to create in a layout as well.

Bella Bolster from Anthropologie Inspiration point: I adore these colors!

Orimono Vines pillow from Anthropologie Inspiration point: I love the mix of patterns in the leaves. This would be a great way to use up my scraps on a layout or card.

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Today I’m inspired by…drinks. We were up at the cabin with friends this weekend and our coolers were packed. I don’t drink myself (except Coca-Cola…mmm!) but some of these ads and packaging I found online were pretty cool. I love all of the color combinations.

Absinthe Art Print

Absinthe by Lee Harlem 

 Cosmopolitan Art Print

Cosmopolitan Print by Steve Forney

Orangina Art Print

Orangina by Bernard Villemot

Perrier Mineral Water Giclee Print

Perrier Mineral Water by Bernard Villemot (I love the split background on this one, too!)

Coffee Bags by Rewind at

Coffee Canisters by Rewind at

Coffee bags and Canisters from Rewind (Their website is inspiring, too!)

Ice Cold Coca-Cola Tin Sign

Ice Cold Coca-Cola (of course! Doesn’t this remind you of the new Jenni Bowlin stuff?)

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Today I’m inspired by…animals. I took T to the zoo yesterday (he’s been begging for practically the entire summer) and we had a great time. He wanted to do four things: play on the new playground, ride the monorail, feed the giraffes, and see the sharks. We were in and out in 2 hours- it was great. I love having a membership so we can make those quick trips without feeling like we wasted our money (all in all I spent $13 since we bought a little giraffe puppet to commemorate the giraffe-feeding). Here is some cool animal inspiration for you! (Note: the descriptions are now under the pictures, hope you don’t mind!)

Product Image

40″ Giraffe Statue from Target Inspiration point: I love the patterns and colors! I took Stephanie Ackerman’s All About Doodles class and these designs would be great for all the doodles I’ve been making.

Animal Puzzle Blocks by Land of Nod Inspiration point: The mix of colors is great and I love the the animal illustrations.

Art Baby Flashcards at momastore

Art Baby Flash Cards from Inspiration point: The black and white graphics and simple designs are so cute! I love how they wrote the animal’s name with a little detail (though I’m not sure I’d pick the music notes for the elephant…maybe peanuts?)

Chat Noir Art Print

Chat Noir by Ken Bailey Inspiration point: The yellow and green with a touch of orange and teal is a great color scheme. I also think this would make a good page layout- a large photo on the top and a border on the bottom for part of the title.

Pug Orange Juice Art Print

Pug Orange Juice by Ken Bailey Inspiration point: These colors work so well together. Who knew green, black, peach, orange and a little off-white could be so eye-catching?

Magnetic Animals by DwellStudio

Magnet Elephant by Dwell Studio Inspiration point: {sigh} I could look at Dwell Studio’s website all day. They are masters of mixing patterns and colors to create fabulous things. This elephant is a prime example.

Finger Puppets by DwellStudio

Animal Finger Puppets by Dwell Studio Inspiration point: I think I’ll use these as patterns for paper-piecing. I love how they used patterned fabric with the plain colors- I have lots of scraps I could use up and those woodland creatures are quite popular in scrapbooking and cards.

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Office Supplies

Today I’m inspired by…office supplies. It’s hard not to be now that the school supply sales are in full-swing. I always love looking at all of the different folders and notebooks, might be the teacher in me. 😉 Here are some fun supplies I found on the web:

Day of the Week Clips from See Jane Work Inspiration point: First of all, I could totally make these. Print out the labels, glue them to a clothespin- no problem. Second of all, I need these. For home and work.

Day of the Week Clips from Suzy Jack collection at

Basics Composition books from See Jane Work Inspiration point: I love anything with letters and numbers (

See Jane Work Basics Composition Books

Large Clipboard by See Jane Work Inspiration point: I love the color combinations on these clipboards, though I wouldn’t have thought of them on my own. It would be easy to cut or punch colored circles for a backround on a layout or card.

WhoMi Modern Notebook from See Jane Work Inspiration point: The graphics on these notebooks are so cool! Each one has a different kind of paper in them and they labeled them accordingly. I like how the letters are set off the page- would be cool for a title or card.

WhoMi Modern Notebooks at

Moonstrips Notecards by Eduardo Paolozzi from Inspiration point: The patterns and colors are great on these! I’m going to break out some scraps to lift this idea!

Moonstrips Note Cards by Eduardo Paolozzi from momastore.comSticky Journal from Inspiration point: Brilliant! This combines two of my most favorite things- sticky notes and little books. I think this would be easy to re-create…especially now that I have a Bind-It-All!

Sticky Journal from momastore

Tower of Clips by Barbara Flanagan at Inspiration point: I think I could make this, too, right? I’ve seen clamps like those…regardless I need one. I could clip coupons, business cards, photos, messages…

Tower of Clips by Barbara Flanagan at

Pixel Colored Pencils at Fred Flare Inspiration point: The square pattern and color mix are eye-catching…maybe for a square-punched border or background.

Pixel Colored Pencils from Fred Flare

Dragonfly Paperclips at Fred Flare Inspiration point: I know butterflies are trendy in scrapbooking now, but I find that my boy pages don’t quite lend themselves to butterflies. Voila- the masculine version of the butterfly…the dragonfly!

Dragonfly Paper Clips from Fred Flare

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Kids’ Toys

Today I’m inspired by…kids’ toys. T and I went to Toys R Us, just because. He once won a $50 shopping spree there from a drawing at daycare and now he thinks we have unlimited funding when we walk in. We actually made it out cheap today…he chose a little Cars toy and a Nemo ice pack. Yes, he has a “thing” for ice packs. I looked for some fabulous inspiring toys on the web to share with you today!

Simple Puzzle Pairs by eeBoo Inspiration point: I love how they created the title- with the rectangles behind every-other letter and the mix of colors…I’m thinkin’ I have a lot of letter stickers that I could combine!

 Alphabet & Numbers Simple Puzzle Pairs from EeBoo

Noddo Croquet Set from Land of Nod Inspiration point: The mix of patterns and colors just makes me smile.

Reddy the Woollyhoodwink from 29Olives Inspiration point: Isn’t this little guy adorable? The colors and tweed are so cute! They have lots of Woollyhoodwinks on their site- you’ll have to check them out!


Uglydolls by Uglydoll Inspiration point: These dolls are so simple and colorful- I don’t think they are very ugly! 😉 Monsters are pretty hot in the scrapping world right now, too!

Uglydolls by Uglydoll

Zolo-A-Go-Go by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi at Inspiration point: I love the mix of shapes, colors, and patterns in this. I could definitely make my own crazy little guys with scraps or T would love to make them, too!

Zolo A-Go-go by Byron Glaser, Sandra Higashi at momastore

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Today I’m inspired by…rainbows. Unfortunately, that is because we have 3-4 days of rain in the forecast. We can’t seem to get our usual summer temperatures here in MN. Here are some inspiring rainbow ideas from around the web.

Gypsy Chandelier from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the bling and beads on this chandelier. The colors are bold and vibrant.

Rainbow Toy Blocks by Guidecraft Inspiration point: I love how these blocks are translucent. I am picturing some framed vellum squares or colorful transparencies.

Balsa Rainbow Bird Toy at Feather Fantasy Inspiration point: I love the pattern of the beads and blocks. I see a border in my future…

Spectrum Mobile by Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof at Inspiration point: This mobile kind of reminds me of the bird toy. I like the gradient colors and the simplicity. I might create a border or frame using this type of idea…and punch a few holes in the blocks to vary the texture.

Spectrum Mobile by Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof

Elmer the Elephant by David McKee Inspiration point: I love the checkerboard pattern! I have a lot of scraps that could be put to good use with a square punch.

Rainbow Bookshelf shown on freshome Inspriation point: I love how these books are sorted. I am thinking it would look super cool to use small strips for a  border/background/frame on a page. I might have to organize my books in my scrap room by color…hmm…

Rainbow Bookshelf

Wish Come True toys by FriendsWithYou at Inspiration point: I love how there is a heavy dose of white with just a little rainbow pattern on these guys.

Wish Come True Toys by FriendsWithYou at momastore

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Today I’m inspired by…circles. This weekend T was busy with his paper and markers, quietly drawing one circle on each page (he can also draw a mean “hot dog” and a “T”). Here are some inspiring circles from around the web:

Color Dot Magnets from Three By Three Seattle (at Fred Flare) Inspiration point: I love the colors and the different sizes! I’m off to get out my circle punches for a cute background…

Graphite Birds and Pebbles and Lemon Yellow Citrus Birds by Sugarloop on Etsy Inspiration point: I love both of these prints because of the great doodles in the “rocks.” I think it would make a great border to have some circular shapes with doodle lines in them!

Graphite Birds and Pebbles - Signed Giclee Art Print (A4 Paper Size)

Lemon Yellow Citrus Birds - Signed Giclee Art Print (A4 Paper Size)

C.Jere Mirror at Jonathan Adler Inspiration point: I wish I could have gotten this bigger! You’ll just have to click on the link to see it up close. I think of a circular photo with sequins, buttons, circle punches, whatever for a border.

Jere Rain Drops Mirror by C. Jere at Jonathan Adler

Raindrop Mirror by Pottery Barn Inspiration point: I guess I was inspired by mirrors today, too! I liked this mirror because it reminds me of sunshine and summer. I loved the lines with the small circular elements.

Raindrop Mirror

Olives Print by 29 Olives Inspiration point: I like the simplicity of this design. Quite mod, don’t you think? I like how they laid out the different sized olives- I think it could work for oval shapes, circles, rectangles, frames on a wall…


Rex Ray Artwork at Jonathan Adler Inspiration point: Again, I wish this showed up bigger! Click the link! I really like the bright, bold colors in this piece. I also like the different textures that are simulated on the design.

Rex Ray Artwork at Jonathan Adler

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Flower Art

Today I’m inspired by…flower art.Yesterday T and I went to a park to visit with some of my students from last year. It was great to see them outside of school and chat with their moms while they helped T on the playground. They took T over to a field to pick flowers (well, weeds) nd T made me a lovely bouquet. He’s really been into picking flowers so he has inspired today’s post.

R0wen Pillow by Crate and Barrel Inspiration point: I love the medallion look of these flowers. The simple shapes used for the petals and centers would be easy to re-create on a layout.

Best Buds Sham from Land of Nod Inspiration point: I love the simplicity and abstractness (is that a word?) of these flowers and the colors are fabulous!

Bloomfest Zurich poster by Inspiration point: I am a fan of vintage ads and I loved the primary colors of this one.  The different styles of flowers would be easy to make…and I’ll bet you have a few flower punches you could layer to simulate the flower shapes in this poster.

Bloomfest Zurich Giclee Print

Bouquet by Princess Lasertron Inspiration point: Princess Lasertron is always inspiring! I love the rock-and-roll colors she used for Aline’s flower bouquet. I could never do the felt flowers justice but I like the idea of adding embroidery floss stitching to my already made felt flowers. Check out Princess Lasertron’s blog and Etsy shop for more info about her custom made bridal bouquets.

Bouquet Wall Art by Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the idea of having simple black and white flowers to let the colors of the photos shine. I think it would also be fun to color these in with markers. I *heart* markers.

Eden Duvet by Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: Again, I love the abstractness of these flowers. The colors are fabulous and I think all the designs work well together. I especially like the light blue berry branch…it would make a great accent to a boy or girl page or card.

Scribble Spot Flower Journal by Orla Kiely Inspiration point: I love how easy these flowers would be to make! I am sure I have a paper punch that looks like that…or it would be pretty easy to replicate. T is great at scribbling, I’m sure I could give him a few markers and a piece of cardstock for him to color on. I’ll punch the circles and voila!

Orla Kiely Scribble Spot Journal at Anthropologie

Poppy Outdoor Pillow by Pottery Barn Inspiration point: I love the colors in this pillow- the bright red, brown, goldenrod, and emerald green with a little white and bright green.

Poppy Outdoor Pillow

Year of Seeds from Red Envelope Inspiration Point: I love the colors of all of the planters. The designs remind me of some stamps I haven’t used in awhile…I could do some monochromatic stamping on colorful squares.

year of seeds

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Pottery Barn

Today I’m inspired by…Pottery Barn. I finally got a chance to look through a catalog I’ve had for quite awhile and remembered how much I love their textiles and colors. There are so many yummy things to look at and buy. I’ll settle for cutting them out and putting them in my inspiration binder (which I’ll show you pictures of soon!)

Campton Smart Technology Console Table- Inspiration point: I love this “Desa Ming Red” color. It wouldn’t really “go” with my decor but it’s so cool! I am also a sucker for any type of cool hardware so I love these handles. I could see the colors inspiring a layout or the grid of the drawers as a sketch.

Campton Smart Technology™ Console Table - Desa Ming Red

Cameron Craft Room (technically from Pottery Barn Kids)- Wouldn’t you love to get crafty in this room? I adore the chalkboard cabinet faces! I think the red and white theme (with the red gingham!) and soft green from the trim would make a great color pallette.

Cameron Craft Room Pottery Barn Kids

Davis Entryway Console Table- Inspiration point: well, first I was thinking that the structure of this would make a great sketch for a layout, but I would flip it upside-down and have the two rectangles as my title/journaling and the smaller rectangles as embellishments or photos. Secondly, I have eleventy billion bookplates that I need to use up. I like the idea of putting some photos (like 4?) in a block with bookplates underneath for labels. Last, I love those blue boxes at the bottom! I think that a distressed square with some stencilled numbers would be fabulous for a boy layout.

Davis Entryway Console Table

Distressed Wood Buoys- Inspiration point: LOVE these! I think the colors caught my eye first…or maybe the numbers…or the colors…I think the brown, light blue, royal blue, white and red look great together!

Distressed Wood Buoys Pottery Barn

Marin Sofa- Inspiration point: I’m not in love with the plain white sofa as much as the layout here. I love the high dose of white with lime, yellow, and kraft accents. (I could never keep a white sofa clean with a toddler and a chocolate lab…I’d be washing that slip cover twice a day.)

Marin Sofa Pottery Barn

Monkey Nursery (Pottery Barn Kids)- Inspiration point: I loved the striped detail on the wall in the back. It would make a great background, block, or watercolor design. I also liked the colors in this room, though I would have never put them together. The light blue, orange, brown and gray color look nice in these doses.

Monkey Nursery Pottery Barn Kids

Textured Solid Pillows- Inspiration point: I love how they used simple buttons to accent these brightly colored pillows. I was thinking it would look cool to create a background like the green pillow, but have cardstock with four buttons on the left and a large strip of patterned paper on the right. I might use the other pillow style to inspire an envelope for hidden journaling.

Textured Solid Pillow Cover Pottery Barn

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