Hibernating Animals

Today I’m inspired by…animals that hibernate. Kind of random but my son was talking about how bears go to sleep in their caves for a long time and then wake up in the spring. We looked up some other animals that hibernate and the list we found inspired me to play around on Etsy to see what I could find for each animal. The stuff I discovered was pretty neat!

Alphabet and Number Poster Woodland Series 11x14 Nursery Wall Decor
Alphabet Print from The Paper Tray
Aren’t these colors great? I also love how the little animals accent a few letters.
Personalized Stationary with Hedgehogs and Flowers Set of 25
Hedgehog Personalized Stationary from Invitations and Such
These little guys are so cute! What a great color combination!
Woodland Critters Series - Pick Your Mix - Set of 3 Illustrations 8.5 in x 11 in
Woodland Critters Series - Pick Your Mix - Set of 3 Illustrations 8.5 in x 11 in
Woodland Critters Series - Pick Your Mix - Set of 3 Illustrations 8.5 in x 11 in
I love everything about these little guys! The colors, the illustrations…totally cute!
I’d have a hard time choosing just 3 for the Pick 3 special- check out his shop for a million other amazing things.
Reginald - The Little Raccoon
Butterscotch Tweed Fox - Made to order
I love, love, love Sleepy King’s shop. Check it out for some seriously adorable stuffed creatures.
oren and nero. they like legwarmers.
Aren’t these guys cute? And I love the colors used- even the background!
Print of my original folk art mixed media painting - Welcome Frogs
I love the mixed-media collage style and the colors. Those frog faces are adorable!
Turtle Stack II (Limited Edition Print)
I love the brown shades with the teal and white…awesome. There are tons of cute illustrations at Barking Bird Art.

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I know. I’ve been bad. But I have a really good excuse! School has started and I have been super busy getting my classroom together and sleeping (those first graders tire me out!). In honor of school starting, today I’m inspired by…apples. Here are some cute apple items I’ve found on Etsy.com.

MTMG M2MG Prep School Apple 3/4 .75 inch Boutique Tile Scrabble Digital Image Collage Art Sheet Gymboree

Scrabble Tile Images by AffordableGraphics Inspiration point: I think these apple images would make a cute addition to any school-themed page. I also love the color combination!

Evalicious on Etsy

Apple Buttons by Evalicious Inspiration point: I LOVE THESE! Unfortunately, I don’t think she has any more in her shop but her other buttons and felt embellishments are adorable! I love the use of school papers for the apples and the bright, cheery colors of the buttons.

Apple Pencil Pouch in Corduroy

Apple Pencil Pouch by Round the Carousel Inspiration point: I am a huge fan of kraft cardstock- I’m pretty sure that is why this pouch was calling my name! I love it with the bright green, yellow, pink and white of the apples.


Insulated Lunch Bag by Britgaldesigns Inspiration point: This fabric by Alexander Henry is used a lot around Etsy. It has all of my happy colors (apple green, pink, red and light blue).

Pink Apple and Pear Baby Quilt

Pink Apple and Pear Baby Quilt by SandboxQuilts Inspiration point: I probably noticed this because it has my happy colors again, but I really love the mix of patterns that they used in this quilt.

Granny bag  - Apple

Granny Bag- Apple by Seabreezestudio Inspiration point: I love the two tones of red and that cream on the inside of the apple. I think the gray background reminds me of a chalkboard- doesn’t it? Adorable! Seabreezestudio has a lot of adorable purses and fabrics- check it out!

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