Collage Art

Today I’m inspired by…collage art. I just signed up for an online class to help jumpstart my creative side, especially during the hectic month  that is September (at least for teacher-me). The instructor is Elise Blaha, who is a very talented artist (in my humble opinion). She has a blog, a website, an Etsy shop, and teaches classes– oh and holds down a job and is planning a wedding. Her main outlet is making creative, mixed-media mini books. Click here to see her work. I look at the mix of papers and it reminds me a lot of collage art and using up scraps to make art or a book. Here is some great inspiration from the web:

Fleur Patchwork Quilt at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the mix of bright patterns- alone you would never guess that they would work so well together. It inspires me to just try to mix and match the scraps I already have- you never know how it will turn out!

Kala Pillow by CB2 Inspiration point: Usually we see patchwork in squares and I like how this is in stripes instead. I’m thinking mixing ribbon or strips of paper for a card or background.

Window Box Wall Art from Land of Nod Inspiration point: Hmm…maybe I need to look at my scraps to make some home decor. These pieces look easy to replicate- or maybe a dalmatian for my little guy’s firetruck room.

Nature Collage Wall Art PB Teen

Nature Collage Wall Art from PB Teen Inspiration point: I love how the background is a patchwork collage and there is a flower on top in black. This would be great for a decorative element on pages or cards.

Patchwork Frame Anthropologie

Patchwork Frame from Anthropologie Inspiration point: What a great idea to use bright scraps to create a frame around a photo. I’m thinkin’ it might have to be a black and white photo or one with a lot of neutral and maybe a little bright color in it. Maybe a photo of a child in a bright swimsuit at a beach?

Petit Collage from Martha Stewart templates available

Petit Collage from the Martha Stewart Show Inspiration point: I love these animals on wood. Bonus: Martha’s website offers a video, instructions, and templates for the elephant, owl and bulldogs (not shown) here.


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Flower Art

Today I’m inspired by…flower art.Yesterday T and I went to a park to visit with some of my students from last year. It was great to see them outside of school and chat with their moms while they helped T on the playground. They took T over to a field to pick flowers (well, weeds) nd T made me a lovely bouquet. He’s really been into picking flowers so he has inspired today’s post.

R0wen Pillow by Crate and Barrel Inspiration point: I love the medallion look of these flowers. The simple shapes used for the petals and centers would be easy to re-create on a layout.

Best Buds Sham from Land of Nod Inspiration point: I love the simplicity and abstractness (is that a word?) of these flowers and the colors are fabulous!

Bloomfest Zurich poster by Inspiration point: I am a fan of vintage ads and I loved the primary colors of this one.  The different styles of flowers would be easy to make…and I’ll bet you have a few flower punches you could layer to simulate the flower shapes in this poster.

Bloomfest Zurich Giclee Print

Bouquet by Princess Lasertron Inspiration point: Princess Lasertron is always inspiring! I love the rock-and-roll colors she used for Aline’s flower bouquet. I could never do the felt flowers justice but I like the idea of adding embroidery floss stitching to my already made felt flowers. Check out Princess Lasertron’s blog and Etsy shop for more info about her custom made bridal bouquets.

Bouquet Wall Art by Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the idea of having simple black and white flowers to let the colors of the photos shine. I think it would also be fun to color these in with markers. I *heart* markers.

Eden Duvet by Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: Again, I love the abstractness of these flowers. The colors are fabulous and I think all the designs work well together. I especially like the light blue berry branch…it would make a great accent to a boy or girl page or card.

Scribble Spot Flower Journal by Orla Kiely Inspiration point: I love how easy these flowers would be to make! I am sure I have a paper punch that looks like that…or it would be pretty easy to replicate. T is great at scribbling, I’m sure I could give him a few markers and a piece of cardstock for him to color on. I’ll punch the circles and voila!

Orla Kiely Scribble Spot Journal at Anthropologie

Poppy Outdoor Pillow by Pottery Barn Inspiration point: I love the colors in this pillow- the bright red, brown, goldenrod, and emerald green with a little white and bright green.

Poppy Outdoor Pillow

Year of Seeds from Red Envelope Inspiration Point: I love the colors of all of the planters. The designs remind me of some stamps I haven’t used in awhile…I could do some monochromatic stamping on colorful squares.

year of seeds

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Today I’m inspired by…weddings. We just went to an outdoor garden wedding on Friday night and it was simple and lovely. So, naturally,  I went to The Knot to find some more inspiring wedding-ish colors and ideas. I couldn’t believe all of the great photos they had on their website. Amazing! Here is just a few different things that caught my eye.

First, you’d need invitations. These yellow and gray invites are by Kenzie Kate . Inspiration point: How could you not love the yellow/gray/white combination? It’s super trendy!

Kenzie Kate stationary

And some wedding programs…these are from Paper-Girl. Inspiration point: use as a template for a mini-book.

Wedding Programs by Paper-Girl at The Knot

Beautiful flowers next…by Wedding Flowers by Lisa. Inspiration point: LOVE the bright green and coral combination!

Calla lillies and cymbidium orchids

Calla lillies and cymbidium orchids

I love this next bouquet by Gloriosa Designs. Inspiration point: the colors are fabulous and it inspires me to do sort of a shabby-chic style layout.

Hydrangeas, sedum, roses, etc.

Hydrangeas, sedum, roses, etc.

This bouquet by Petal’s Edge Floral Design is so happy! Inspiration point: these are my “happy colors” the pink, green, and blue from the dress. I will have to finish my mini album on my happy colors soon!

Roses, dahlias, cymbidium orchids

Roses, dahlias, cymbidium orchids

These flowers are by Old Glory Ranch. Inspiration point: I love the yellow, green and teal with an unexpected bits of cranberry color.

Roses, micro poms, solidago, hypercium berries

Roses, micro poms, solidago, hypercium berries

Reception decorations…the centerpieces and ideas on The Knot are very inspiring. Here is a couple that were definitely not your run-of-the-mill ideas.

This centerpiece was featured at a wedding that was in a coastal city. Inspiration point: I love the colors in this photo and I think the pincushion protea could inspire a cute paper-pieced flower.

Pincushion protea and stones

Pincushion protea and stones

These Origami paper cranes were made by family and friends  of the couple. Tradition says they should have 1,000 paper cranes but their family made a few more than that. Could you imagine 1,000 paper cranes hanging like this? Awesome. Inspiration point: I love the mix of patterned paper they used and here is a YouTube video on how to make a paper crane: How to Make an Origami Peace Crane.

Origami cranes The Knot

And who could forget the cake?

I liked the lines on this cake by Michelle’s Patisserie- simple and unique. Inspiration point: the stripes would make a great border on a page and I like the pale colors with the chocolate brown.

Michelle's Patisserie on The Knot

This cake is by Custom Cakes. Inspiration point: The thick stripes with the flowers inspires me to create a border. I also like the combination of navy, white, lime and pink.

Sugar paste lilies and orchids by Custom Cakes on The Knot

Mmm! I might have to check out the dresses next time!

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Today I’m inspired by….Trees. I have loved the look of trees in artwork ever since I found my “mantra” necklace from Uncommon Goods. It is the “Remember What Is Important” Necklace:

Remember Necklace Uncommon Goods

I think it’s because they remind me of life, change, family, and growth. Here is some other inspiring tree art:

Crochet Tree in Beige by Sugarloop (Etsy). Inspiration point: I love the pattern in the trees. I think I’ll try making a tree like this with different patterned paper. How cute!

Crochet Tree in Beige by Sugarloop on Etsy

Starburst Tree in Green by Sugarloop (Etsy). Inspiration point: I’ve been really into doodles lately (and taking Stephanie’s All About Doodles class) and I could totally make those starbursts in a tree die-cut. And aren’t those flowers adorable?

Starburst Tree in Green by Sugarloop on Etsy

Striped Bird in Tree by Sugarloop (Etsy). Inspiration point: I love the simple shapes of the tree trunk and leaves. I could definitely make this!

Striped Bird in Tree by Sugarloop on Etsy

Branching Out Tree Stick On from Land of Nod. Inspiration point: I like the easy shapes in this tree…and the bright colors!

Wall art Land of Nod

Cherry Tree Necklace from MDsparks (Etsy). Inspiration point: I like the classy look of this. Maybe a monochromatic tree?

Cherry Tree from MDsparks

Art Print on Wood From an Original Tree Painting- Sunshine by Sascalia (Etsy). Inspiration point: How many flower embellishments do have laying around? I have…enough to create this amazing tree! You could even mix and match different flowers from different companies.

Art Print on Wood From an Original Tree Painting-Sunshine by Sascalia on Etsy

Modern Dots and Trees Collage Sheet by Cupcakecutiee (Etsy). Inspiration point: Breakin’ out the circle punches! How easy these patterns would be to recreate on a layout. The grid pattern is also pretty trendy in scrapbooking right now. I love the color combinations, too!

Modern Dots and Trees Collage Sheet by Cupcakecutiee on Etsy

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