Today I’m inspired by…butterflies. T has been pretty excited about seeing butterflies ever since he saw on PBS that caterpillars change into butterflies. I didn’t even think he was paying attention but then he saw a caterpillar and told me it would be a butterfly. Crazy for a 2 year-old! Here are some great butterflies from the web:

Bella Butterfly Artwork

Bella Butterfly Artwork from Pottery Barn Kids I love these prints- you can see them closer on the website. I will definitely be using my circle punch and some scraps to create art like this! These also incorporate buttons, ribbons, fabric and paint.

3-D Butterflies Pottery Barn Kids

3D Butterflies from Pottery Barn Kids Inspiration point: I love how these stand out from the wall and they look like they were made of patterned paper. I think Martha Stewart has a cute butterfly punch (or this one!) that would be perfect for these!

 Mia Art

Mia Art by Pottery Barn Kids Inspiration point: I definitely have to get out the watercolors to replicate this. I like how the background is striped and the butterflies are on top. I bet it would look great with some vintage-looking typed paper from an old dictionary or something.

Product Image

DwellStudio for Target Butterflies Decorative Pillow Inspiration point: Wouldn’t this make a great background or accent block on a girly page? I love how there are different patterns. You could just ink the edges or sew the butterflies on.

Botanicals Published by Assouline Inspiration point: I think butterflies themselves are full of amazing color combinations. This book would make for some amazing inspiration!


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Today I’m inspired by…animals. I took T to the zoo yesterday (he’s been begging for practically the entire summer) and we had a great time. He wanted to do four things: play on the new playground, ride the monorail, feed the giraffes, and see the sharks. We were in and out in 2 hours- it was great. I love having a membership so we can make those quick trips without feeling like we wasted our money (all in all I spent $13 since we bought a little giraffe puppet to commemorate the giraffe-feeding). Here is some cool animal inspiration for you! (Note: the descriptions are now under the pictures, hope you don’t mind!)

Product Image

40″ Giraffe Statue from Target Inspiration point: I love the patterns and colors! I took Stephanie Ackerman’s All About Doodles class and these designs would be great for all the doodles I’ve been making.

Animal Puzzle Blocks by Land of Nod Inspiration point: The mix of colors is great and I love the the animal illustrations.

Art Baby Flashcards at momastore

Art Baby Flash Cards from momastore.org Inspiration point: The black and white graphics and simple designs are so cute! I love how they wrote the animal’s name with a little detail (though I’m not sure I’d pick the music notes for the elephant…maybe peanuts?)

Chat Noir Art Print

Chat Noir by Ken Bailey Inspiration point: The yellow and green with a touch of orange and teal is a great color scheme. I also think this would make a good page layout- a large photo on the top and a border on the bottom for part of the title.

Pug Orange Juice Art Print

Pug Orange Juice by Ken Bailey Inspiration point: These colors work so well together. Who knew green, black, peach, orange and a little off-white could be so eye-catching?

Magnetic Animals by DwellStudio

Magnet Elephant by Dwell Studio Inspiration point: {sigh} I could look at Dwell Studio’s website all day. They are masters of mixing patterns and colors to create fabulous things. This elephant is a prime example.

Finger Puppets by DwellStudio

Animal Finger Puppets by Dwell Studio Inspiration point: I think I’ll use these as patterns for paper-piecing. I love how they used patterned fabric with the plain colors- I have lots of scraps I could use up and those woodland creatures are quite popular in scrapbooking and cards.

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Kids’ Toys

Today I’m inspired by…kids’ toys. T and I went to Toys R Us, just because. He once won a $50 shopping spree there from a drawing at daycare and now he thinks we have unlimited funding when we walk in. We actually made it out cheap today…he chose a little Cars toy and a Nemo ice pack. Yes, he has a “thing” for ice packs. I looked for some fabulous inspiring toys on the web to share with you today!

Simple Puzzle Pairs by eeBoo Inspiration point: I love how they created the title- with the rectangles behind every-other letter and the mix of colors…I’m thinkin’ I have a lot of letter stickers that I could combine!

 Alphabet & Numbers Simple Puzzle Pairs from EeBoo

Noddo Croquet Set from Land of Nod Inspiration point: The mix of patterns and colors just makes me smile.

Reddy the Woollyhoodwink from 29Olives Inspiration point: Isn’t this little guy adorable? The colors and tweed are so cute! They have lots of Woollyhoodwinks on their site- you’ll have to check them out!


Uglydolls by Uglydoll Inspiration point: These dolls are so simple and colorful- I don’t think they are very ugly! 😉 Monsters are pretty hot in the scrapping world right now, too!

Uglydolls by Uglydoll

Zolo-A-Go-Go by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi at momastore.org Inspiration point: I love the mix of shapes, colors, and patterns in this. I could definitely make my own crazy little guys with scraps or T would love to make them, too!

Zolo A-Go-go by Byron Glaser, Sandra Higashi at momastore

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