Twelve Days of Christmas- Gift Wrap

Today I’m inspired by…gift wrap. It’s so fun to go into stores and see all of the different kinds of gift wrap. Sometimes I buy some and feel guilty using it because it is so beautiful! Here are some ideas for how to wrap your gifts, most courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Eco Gift Wrap

Cheerful Gift Boxes

Homemade Gift Wrap

Gift Card Holders

Gift Wallet

Japanese-Style Newspaper Wrap

Translucent Wrapping

Recycled Gift Tags

Gift Monogram

Beaded Monograms

Book of Money

Book of Money

Button Parcel **Not from Martha** on Bugs and Fishes by Lupin


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Twelve Days of Christmas- Gifts

Today I’m inspired by…homemade Christmas gifts. I wish I had the time to make gifts for everyone on my list but, alas, it is so much easier to buy! We used to do a gift exchange with my family where you had to make or recycle a gift. I made a “mommy necklace” for my cousin last year and the year before was a scrapbook collage for another cousin. Here are some amazing ideas for homemade gifts that I found on Martha Stewart’s website.

Towel Bibs- Martha Stewart

Decorative Pillar Candle

Beaded Flower Necklace- Martha Stewart


Butterfly Table Linens- Martha Stewart

Button Necklace- Martha Stewart

Silk Scarf Bag- Martha Stewart

Lip Balm- Martha Stewart

Jade Beaded Necklace- Martha Stewart

Map Coasters- Martha Stewart

No Sew Tote Bag- Martha Stewart

Zipper Flowers- Martha Stewart

Leather Day Planner

Artist Organizer

Car Travel Kit

Travel Collage

Glove Animals

Monogram Corkboard

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Martha Stewart

Today I’m inspired by…Martha Stewart. After yesterday’s super-cute collage art, I found myself digging in to Martha’s website. Here are some fabulous things I found (direct links to the projects/ideas are under the photos):

Add-On Envelope Books

Add-On Envelope Books Inspiration point: I LOVE these! They are meant to store collections of coins, stamps, stickers, whatever…but I think I could use them for a special daily note or for my students’ story ideas.

Baby Wooden Blocks

Baby Wooden Blocks Inspiration point: I love how these baby blocks are rock ‘n’ roll. You could use any type of patterned paper to coordinate with a baby’s room or use up scraps.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar Inspiration point: I love the shades of gray here…gray is SO the new black. 😉

Clip Artistry

Clip Artistry Inspiration point: I think the idea of hanging decorative clipboards like these in my scraproom is a great idea. I could put up inspiration or layouts or leave them plain. Someone on Martha’s website suggested using a large photo instead, which would be really cool, too!

Storytelling Tape

Storytelling Tape Inspiration point: I love the colors and papers used in this project. I also think it’s a sweet idea for a far-away relative to record themselves reading a book for a child. Maybe you could have a family member dictate memories from old photos for you to use in your scrapbook.

Handmade Tote Bags Inspiration point: Everytime I see this ad in a magazine I cut it out. I just love the letters, patterns, and colors…oh, and I am addicted to tote bags!

Here are some other links- I couldn’t decide which projects were best!

Martha’s Best Clip Art

Back-to-School Crafts

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