Today I’m inspired by…pillows. I need new ones for my couch as ours are quite blah now. Here are some fun pillows I found on the web.

Bacati Dots and Stripes Pillow Target

Bacati Dots and Stripes Pillow from Target Inspiration point: I love these colors and patterns- this would make a great background or layout if you substituted some photos for the circles.

Forest Pillow by Lisa DeJohn at Urban Outfitters

Forest Pillow by Lisa DeJohn at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: These muted colors with the pop of red and green are great. I love the simple trees and patterns on this design.

Product Image

Orange Dandelion pillow from Target Inspiration point: The cream and orange work so great together and I love the graphic!

Product Image

Red Paisley pillow from Target Inspiration point: The colors in this pillow are rich and fabulous. Perfect for fall layouts and cards. I also love the overlapped paisley print- what a great idea!

Product Image

Blossom Argento pillow at Target Inspiration point: Ahh…gray, yellow, and white. One of my new favorite color combinations! I think this flower would be easy to create in a layout as well.

Bella Bolster from Anthropologie Inspiration point: I adore these colors!

Orimono Vines pillow from Anthropologie Inspiration point: I love the mix of patterns in the leaves. This would be a great way to use up my scraps on a layout or card.


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Collage Art

Today I’m inspired by…collage art. I just signed up for an online class to help jumpstart my creative side, especially during the hectic month  that is September (at least for teacher-me). The instructor is Elise Blaha, who is a very talented artist (in my humble opinion). She has a blog, a website, an Etsy shop, and teaches classes– oh and holds down a job and is planning a wedding. Her main outlet is making creative, mixed-media mini books. Click here to see her work. I look at the mix of papers and it reminds me a lot of collage art and using up scraps to make art or a book. Here is some great inspiration from the web:

Fleur Patchwork Quilt at Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the mix of bright patterns- alone you would never guess that they would work so well together. It inspires me to just try to mix and match the scraps I already have- you never know how it will turn out!

Kala Pillow by CB2 Inspiration point: Usually we see patchwork in squares and I like how this is in stripes instead. I’m thinking mixing ribbon or strips of paper for a card or background.

Window Box Wall Art from Land of Nod Inspiration point: Hmm…maybe I need to look at my scraps to make some home decor. These pieces look easy to replicate- or maybe a dalmatian for my little guy’s firetruck room.

Nature Collage Wall Art PB Teen

Nature Collage Wall Art from PB Teen Inspiration point: I love how the background is a patchwork collage and there is a flower on top in black. This would be great for a decorative element on pages or cards.

Patchwork Frame Anthropologie

Patchwork Frame from Anthropologie Inspiration point: What a great idea to use bright scraps to create a frame around a photo. I’m thinkin’ it might have to be a black and white photo or one with a lot of neutral and maybe a little bright color in it. Maybe a photo of a child in a bright swimsuit at a beach?

Petit Collage from Martha Stewart templates available

Petit Collage from the Martha Stewart Show Inspiration point: I love these animals on wood. Bonus: Martha’s website offers a video, instructions, and templates for the elephant, owl and bulldogs (not shown) here.

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Office Supplies

Today I’m inspired by…office supplies. It’s hard not to be now that the school supply sales are in full-swing. I always love looking at all of the different folders and notebooks, might be the teacher in me. 😉 Here are some fun supplies I found on the web:

Day of the Week Clips from See Jane Work Inspiration point: First of all, I could totally make these. Print out the labels, glue them to a clothespin- no problem. Second of all, I need these. For home and work.

Day of the Week Clips from Suzy Jack collection at seejanework.com

Basics Composition books from See Jane Work Inspiration point: I love anything with letters and numbers (

See Jane Work Basics Composition Books

Large Clipboard by See Jane Work Inspiration point: I love the color combinations on these clipboards, though I wouldn’t have thought of them on my own. It would be easy to cut or punch colored circles for a backround on a layout or card.


WhoMi Modern Notebook from See Jane Work Inspiration point: The graphics on these notebooks are so cool! Each one has a different kind of paper in them and they labeled them accordingly. I like how the letters are set off the page- would be cool for a title or card.

WhoMi Modern Notebooks at seejanework.com

Moonstrips Notecards by Eduardo Paolozzi from momastore.org Inspiration point: The patterns and colors are great on these! I’m going to break out some scraps to lift this idea!

Moonstrips Note Cards by Eduardo Paolozzi from momastore.comSticky Journal from momastore.org Inspiration point: Brilliant! This combines two of my most favorite things- sticky notes and little books. I think this would be easy to re-create…especially now that I have a Bind-It-All!

Sticky Journal from momastore

Tower of Clips by Barbara Flanagan at momastore.org Inspiration point: I think I could make this, too, right? I’ve seen clamps like those…regardless I need one. I could clip coupons, business cards, photos, messages…

Tower of Clips by Barbara Flanagan at momastore.org

Pixel Colored Pencils at Fred Flare Inspiration point: The square pattern and color mix are eye-catching…maybe for a square-punched border or background.

Pixel Colored Pencils from Fred Flare

Dragonfly Paperclips at Fred Flare Inspiration point: I know butterflies are trendy in scrapbooking now, but I find that my boy pages don’t quite lend themselves to butterflies. Voila- the masculine version of the butterfly…the dragonfly!

Dragonfly Paper Clips from Fred Flare

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Kids’ Toys

Today I’m inspired by…kids’ toys. T and I went to Toys R Us, just because. He once won a $50 shopping spree there from a drawing at daycare and now he thinks we have unlimited funding when we walk in. We actually made it out cheap today…he chose a little Cars toy and a Nemo ice pack. Yes, he has a “thing” for ice packs. I looked for some fabulous inspiring toys on the web to share with you today!

Simple Puzzle Pairs by eeBoo Inspiration point: I love how they created the title- with the rectangles behind every-other letter and the mix of colors…I’m thinkin’ I have a lot of letter stickers that I could combine!

 Alphabet & Numbers Simple Puzzle Pairs from EeBoo

Noddo Croquet Set from Land of Nod Inspiration point: The mix of patterns and colors just makes me smile.

Reddy the Woollyhoodwink from 29Olives Inspiration point: Isn’t this little guy adorable? The colors and tweed are so cute! They have lots of Woollyhoodwinks on their site- you’ll have to check them out!


Uglydolls by Uglydoll Inspiration point: These dolls are so simple and colorful- I don’t think they are very ugly! 😉 Monsters are pretty hot in the scrapping world right now, too!

Uglydolls by Uglydoll

Zolo-A-Go-Go by Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi at momastore.org Inspiration point: I love the mix of shapes, colors, and patterns in this. I could definitely make my own crazy little guys with scraps or T would love to make them, too!

Zolo A-Go-go by Byron Glaser, Sandra Higashi at momastore

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Today I’m inspired by…Melamine. First of all, I love Target. I was recently there…as I am nearly every-other day…and LOVED their melamine dinnerware. It’s super inexpensive and unbreakable. Here is the set that T and I loved:

“Figural Melamine Plate Set”

Figural Melamine Plate Set Target


Seriously, how cute is that frog?! Inspiration point: I could totally paper-piece something like that…and those colors, yum!

I went on Target’s website because we had gotten some cups that had a pattern like the top tray here:

Winter Themed Mini Trays Target

I love both of these “Winter Themed Mini Trays.” Inspiration point: Maybe I could make some winter/Christmas decor based on these. Circle punch, patterned paper, frame it up…voila!

Here are some more great dinnerware options (all available at Target.com):

“Glitter Snowflake” Inspiration point: I like that these are contemporary colors and shapes.

Glitter Snowflake Dinnerware Collection Target

“Leaves” Inspiration point: Love the colors and the doodled “veins” in the leaves.

Leaves Melamine Dinnerware Target

“Dot Salad Plate” Inspiration point: Love the colors and circles!

Melamine Dot Salad Plate Target

“Multi Stripe” Inspiration point: How cute is the sun?! And those summery colors?!

Multi Stripe Melamine Dinnerware Target

“Orla Kiely Green Apple and Pear” Inspiration point: I like the simple pattern and the two green shades combined with the brown and white.

Orla Kiely Green Apple and Pear Collection Target

“Flower Decal” Inspiration point: I love the “stitches” and “sequins.”

Square Melamine Plate with Flower Decal Target

I saved my favorite for last- “Monster Decal.” Inspiration point: blue, white, and lime is one of my favorite color combinations to use for T’s album. I love the addition of a little bit of teal! That little monster reminds me of the Night Light collection by October Afternoon and the Orbit collection by Crate Paper.

Square Melamine Plate with Monster Decal Target

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