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New Year’s

Today I’m inspired by…New Year’s. Every year we visit my in-law’s for a fondue party. We fondue scallops, chicken, shrimp, steak and lobster in oil and then move to the dessert fondue: chocolate and caramel with yummy fruit, marshmallows, and angelfood cake. Delicious! Here are some fun New Year’s traditions and crafts to try with your family.

Idea from Martha Stewart

Instead of toasting with champagne at midnight, let the kids eat 12 grapes, a Spanish tradition, for good luck all year long. You could also put the grapes on a skewer as a garnish for the champagne drinkers.

Click here for other New Year’s traditions around the world

Idea from Martha Stewart

Create a breakfast to mark the special day- just place clean number magnets on the pancakes and dust with powdered sugar. You could also spell out a message for other special days.

Glorious Goblets

Glorious Goblet Craft from Family Fun

Glitzy Glasses - Image 260

Glitzy Glasses Craft from Family Fun

Time Capsule Letter

Time Capsule from Family Fun

Have kids write a letter to themselves to open the following year. They can list some of their favorites or predictions for the next year. Keep it with the decorations so it will be easy to find.

Time Capsule Ornament

Time Capsule Ornament from Family Fun

Revisit the last year and create a fun Christmas decoration!

Shimmering Streamers from Martha Stewart

New Year’s Garland How-to from The Purl Bee

Countdown Toast Idea from Martha Stewart (love these!)

Countdown Decor Idea from Martha Stewart

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Today I’m inspired by…Anthropologie. They just opened a new store near me and I’m SO excited! I usually oogle their eye-candy on their website (they have some fabulous web-designers!) but now I can gawk in their store. Here are some inspiring things I’ve found- look at all the details! Here is their website for more inspiration: Anthropologie

for you

Sleep Outfit

The Littlest Coin Purse

Shetland Sweater Dress

Hollyhock Dress

Wash & Sew Soap Kit

Horticulture Society Dress

Notions Necklace

Deciduous Puzzle

Sewing Basket Kid’s Apron

Clothbound Penguin Classics

Clothbound Penguin Classics (Click to see individual books)

Mercury Glass Shopper

Mercury Glass Shopper

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Today I’m inspired by…rugs. Seems a little random but we’re looking for one for our dining room so I’ve been weighing my options. We have a pretty neutral color in there which is good and bad- it is hard to make a decision. Here are some inspiring rugs from the web.

Product Image Circo Chenille Girl Rug - 30x50"Product Image Circo Chenille Boy Rug - 30x50"

Circo Chenille Rugs from Target Inspiration point: I couldn’t decide if I liked the “boy” version or the “girl” version of this rug. Both have great color combinations!

 Product Image Dwell Studio for Target Hippo RugProduct Image DwellStudio™ for Target® Dot Fun Rug

Hippo and Dot Fun rugs from DwellStudio for Target Inspiration point: Again, I couldn’t decide between these two rugs. I love the colors on both and the striped dots seem quite interesting!

Handmade Wool Ferns Rug (2'6 x 4')

Handmade Ferns Rug from Overstock.com Inspiration point: I like the overlapping leaves and flowers in this rug. I am thinking I could do a similar look on a card- especially a sympathy card which are so hard to find inspiration for.

Hand-tufted Pixar Green Wool Rug (5' x 7'6)

Pixar Green Rug from Overstock.com Inspiration point: I love this rug. If only I had a few hundred dollars to drop on a rug that I don’t really need, this is the one I’d buy. Dark teal and spring green- love, love, love.

Rust Rug (9' x 12')

Rust Rug from Overstock.com Inspiration point: I really think these patterns look great together- I’m always looking for ways to use my patterned strips together and here is a great use for them!

Product Image Seventeen® Flirt Daisy Rug Collection - Hot Pink

Seventeen Flirt Daisy Rug at Target Inspiration point: I like these colors and flowers on this rug. It would make a great card if turned on it’s side.

Product Image Seventeen Swirls Rug Collection - Ivory

Seventeen Swirls Rug from Target Inspiration point: I really like these dots in a swirly pattern- it would be easy to make with come colorful markers.

Round Embroidered Rug

Round Embroidered Rug from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: This teal, orange, yellow, and cream scheme is great…very summery!


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Today I’m inspired by…candy. Haven’t picked any up for the trick-or-treaters (which are few and far between at my house for the last 5 years…) but I love eating all of the Halloween candy! Here are some inspiring candy items from the web.


Candy Wreath

Candy Wreath from Martha Stewart Inspiration point: These colors are a more mature version of the typical Halloween colors. Perhaps for a page about adults partaking in the fun of Halloween?

Candy-Wrapper Buckets

Candy-Wrapper Buckets from Martha Stewart Inspiration point: I’m always looking for cute decorating ideas- these would be so cute with candy corn or M&Ms in them! Or perhaps a trick-or-treat bucket?

Milk Chocolate Godiva Gems Inspiration point: I love this color combination- teal, gold, chocolate, white…mmm!

Candy Shop Dessert Table by Amy Atlas Inspiration point: How could you not be inspired by this tablescape? Yum! These are some of my favorite colors and the display is amazing! Check out Amy Atlas’s website to see more inspiring decor ideas.

Candy Wrapper Pouch

Candy Wrapper Pouch from MOMA Store Inspiration point: I have seen many versions of these types of purses but I just love how they have such bright colors woven together. Wouldn’t it be cool to do this for the front of a card with paper strips that say “Happy Birthday” or for a border on a page?

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Today I’m inspired by…monsters. ‘Tis the season, right? I picked up a cute t-shirt for T at Target yesterday- it reminded me of all the cute monster stuff that is out at this time of year. It seems that if you make monsters in bright colors they don’t seem as scary. Here are a few cute monster items I found online.

Product Image Just One Year- 3pk Bib - Red Monster

Just One Year Red Monster Bib Pack Inspiration point: Don’t these happy baby monsters put a smile on your face? The color combination is one of my favorites for baby.

Product Image Monster Melamine Kids Dining Set of 6

Monster Melamine Dining Set Inspiration point: I’ve always loved that green monster on the plate…he has appeared on my blog before. I love the bright blue, lime and teal combination- and the monsters are adorable!

Product Image Fingertip Towels 3-pk. - Monsters

Fingertip Towels from Target Inspiration point: When I saw these on the shelves in the bath department I thought it would be so cute to re-do T’s bathroom in monster stuff. Orange, blue, and green (in that order) are T’s favorite colors…these would be perfect! Perhaps a Halloween card with three bold stripes on the front with monster faces on the bottom- how cute!

Monster Swiper Single - Fuschia

Monster Swiper by FrankandMe on Etsy Inspiration point: How cute and easy would this be to use as a washcloth? Or an accent with some felt and two googlie eyes?

Uglydolls Inspiration point: These guys were also on my blog in an earlier post- so ugly and cute! All of these colors look great together.

15″ set of 4 Wild Things from Rock Candy Inspiration point: This story is one of my all-time favorite children’s books. Looking at these monsters with a different eye, aren’t the colors great? Most are neutral with a touch of yellow orange, and blue. I can’t wait to see the movie- but I think I will have to since T is too little to see this yet.

Where the Wild Things Are Pillows from Urban Outfitters Inspiration point: I love the simple doodle images on these pillows. They have many other WWTA items available at Urban as well.

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Today I’m inspired by…fish. T has been obsessed with fishing at the cabin since we bought a Spiderman fishing pole. Of course, he has yet to catch a single fish but has successfully dropped his pole into the lake four times. Here are some tropical fish photos I found on the web…don’t they have the best color combinations?

Mandarin Fish from New England Aquarium

Juvenile Angelfish from New England Aquarium

Tropical Fish by Mr. T in DC on Flikr

Blue-Barred Parrotfish

Triggerfish from National Geographic

Achilles Tang from About.com

Blue Queen Angelfish from Divingdr.com

Surgeonfish from Encyclopaedia Brittanica

White-Faced Surgeonfish from Animal World

Emperor Angelfish from The Flying Kiwi

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Lisa Day is doing a giveaway to win a kids furniture antique memory board.


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